Digital Enhancements of Scientific Content at Virtual and Hybrid Conferences


  • Qing Zhou, PhD, ELS Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc, Tarrytown, NY



Since the beginning of 2020, scientific conferences around the globe have evolved quickly to adapt to a virtual or hybrid format when in-person meetings were disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the digital platforms now in place to enable virtual participation, interaction with scientific content in a digital format will likely become a new norm of the scientific conference experience. Digital enhancements of scientific presentations and posters may help bridge the gap of communication in a virtual format and may extend the reach of scientific content. This article provides a brief overview of common types of digital enhancements and summarizes insights from two conference organizers from their conversations at the “InformED” podcast. Researchers, conference organizers, and medical communication and publishing professionals will continue to optimize the digital enhancements and explore innovations to maximize the value of scientific content disseminated at virtual and hybrid scientific conferences.



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Zhou Q. Digital Enhancements of Scientific Content at Virtual and Hybrid Conferences. AMWA. 2022;37(1). doi:10.55752/amwa.2022.121



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