Slate of Officer Candidates for the 2022–2023 Election


  • Elise Eller, PhD 2021–2022 AMWA President-Elect



One of the privileges of serving as President-Elect is chairing the Nominating Committee, which is charged with selecting a slate of officers for the upcoming governance year. It was my pleasure to serve with Cyndy Kryder, MS, MWS; Tenille L. Lawson, PharmD; Erik MacLaren, PhD; Julie Munden, BA; Jill Roberts, MS; Theresa E. Singleton, PhD; and AMWA Executive Director Susan Krug, MS, CAE (ex officio, nonvoting member). I thank my fellow committee members for their insights and critical evaluation of officer candidates for the 2022–2023 governance year.

Each year interested members are invited to submit a board interest form for consideration of 1 of 3 elected offices: President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Nominating Committee reviews the forms and qualifications of candidates who meet the criteria and collectively agrees on a candidate for each officer position to submit to the AMWA Board of Directors (BOD) for consideration.

I’m pleased to present the following candidates who were presented to and approved by the AMWA BOD at the June BOD meeting:

• President-Elect: R. Michelle Sauer Gehring, PhD, ELS

• Secretary: Kimberly Korwek, PhD

• Treasurer: Julie Phelan, MBA, MD



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Eller E. Slate of Officer Candidates for the 2022–2023 Election. AMWA. 2022;37(3). doi:10.55752/amwa.2022.184