The Intrinsic Story Structure of Original Research Manuscripts


  • Crystal R. Herron, PhD, ELS Managing Director, Redwood Ink, San Rafael, CA



Most research manuscripts are now written in a standard structure known as IMRaD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). In this structure, the Introduction describes the background of the study, the Methods describe how the study was carried out, the Results report what the study found, and the Discussion explains what the study findings mean.

This standard IMRaD structure makes the process of developing and publishing manuscripts more consistent and easier to manage. This structure helps authors organize their ideas and ensure they include all the important elements of the study. The IMRaD structure also helps editors and reviewers evaluate manuscripts more easily. And the structure helps readers to quickly locate specific information without going through the entire paper.

The IMRaD structure has another valuable feature. This structure helps authors to tell a story with the most common story structure: the three-act structure.



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