Destigmatizing Eating Disorders with Medical Writing


  • Melinda D. Karth, MS, MA PhD Candidate in Neuroscience, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN



Eating disorders are a group of severe medical conditions that center around energy intake and sometimes body dissatisfaction. Despite their severity, eating disorders are often viewed negatively by both lay individuals and health professionals. This stigmatization is the result of inaccurate and exaggerated information about these illnesses. As health educators, medical writers are positioned to challenge and change these stigmas by creating and distributing accurate information about eating disorders. This article provides medical writers with foundational knowledge about eating disorders and background information on their stigmatization and offers suggestions for how to write about these conditions to reduce current stigmas and improve understanding of eating disorders.



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Karth M. Destigmatizing Eating Disorders with Medical Writing. AMWA. 2023;38(4). doi:10.55752/amwa.2023.255