Open Pharma: Driving Positive Change in the Communication of Pharma-Sponsored Research


  • Jo Gordon, MA, VetMB, PhD Medical Writer, Oxford PharmaGenesis, Oxford, UK



Open Pharma is a non-profit-seeking collaboration that aims to make the communication of pharma-sponsored research faster, more transparent, more accessible, and more sustainable, focusing on open science principles such as open access and plain language. Open Pharma includes 16 Member and Supporter companies representing the pharma and publishing industries and is facilitated by Oxford PharmaGenesis, a HealthScience consultancy. We believe that innovating the current publications model for pharma research is essential to accelerate medical progress, improve patient care, and increase trust in evidence from the pharma industry.

Open Pharma works as a think tank that seeks to “move the needle,” a research hub that produces evidence, a knowledge- sharing “club,” and a forum for member voices. Our research, resources, and events are designed to educate, broaden perspectives, and foster connections. We also seek to identify needs and solutions and to develop guidance that supports best practice and positive change across the sector.

Medical writers are uniquely positioned to understand the benefits of open science and to communicate them to their clients. They have an important part to play in promoting the innovations that will increase the quality, transparency, and accountability of medical research communication, which Open Pharma supports.




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Gordon J. Open Pharma: Driving Positive Change in the Communication of Pharma-Sponsored Research. AMWA. 2023;38(3). doi:10.55752/amwa.2023.276



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